okay I think being a bit more transparent about this is probably for the best, though I really can’t show much more than these photos, oho!  My SECRET PROJECT (not actually very secret) is a 10-or-so page sketchbook that I will scan as hi-res files and put on somewhere like Gumroad, available for download for a small fee (like $10).  I want to do a few of these, if I can!  And this one’s theme is: OFF.  

As part of this project I am taking OFF-related sketch requests!  If you supply a request, you have the chance of not only getting your request drawn, but receiving a copy of the book for free! I’ll draw pretty much anything, nsfw included (sexual stuff, gore, etc. if that’s your fancy)  THREE people will be chosen (by random number generator) !!! I hope someone will be at all interested in this small endeavour… thank you in advance?! … & if no one cares that’s ok too, I am having a lot of fun drawing these guys, ehe.

(requests close on Friday, August 2nd.  Reblog with your request, reply to this post, or send me an ask/fanmail!)

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    The Judge meowing forlornly at the wind on an empty rooftop!
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