another sketchbook spread (with ash, trying)

egg story 

(finish & sketches)

sketchbook spread

Tomorrow is Open House/Accepted Students Day here at Montserrat!  There is a shitload of art on display all over the school (and a bunch of it by my beautiful peers beautifully representing the Illustration department that we call home) so if you are in the area you should stop by and take a look, seriously there are some formidable folks who I am very privileged to be in the company of and I’m sure you would be awed!!  So if you’re able, swing by and say hello and feast your eyeballs (and maybe actually feast, idk, there’s probably food right)


this is barely half of just one wall, I am enticing you with a low-res tidbit of the world that awaits you

sketchbook nonsense (and accidentally a pretty fair summary of what I’m about.)


Ciaran Gaffney Prints on INPRNT.

Illustrator Ciaran Gaffney has a great selection of fine art prints available in his INPRNT Store.  Be sure and follow INPRNT on Tumblr for more great prints.

Oh man, look at that!  Thank you so much!

sketchbook slowly devolves into pirate hell

social predators.

gear up & get busy

avialan gifted me a sketchbook(!) so here’s some of what’s in it. 

self portrait!


some things from my Independent Study this semester, using Cathexis as a pre-production project (which allows me to worldbuild and mess with stuff that will or won’t be a focus in the comic.)  I’ve been putting this on the devblog but I kind of want to share it here as well.